Q: What is a Softee Stop?

A: A Softee Stop is where we come by once a week to a location at the same time and day to serve you your favorite ice cream. 

Q: What is the difference between a Softee Stop and Softee Event?

A: A Softee Stop once a week while the Event is a one time stop that is frequently prepaid.

Q: Do you have any vegan/dairy-free options?

A: At this time, we only offer dairy-free options such as popsicles at private events in order to make everyone feel included. However, in the future we plan on having more dairy-free options that are soft serve so look forward to seeing them on the trucks one day!

Q: Do you go indoors?

A: Yes we do! For events, if needed, we can go indoors with our small mobile unit. For inquiries please contact us for more information.

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